Marriott Standard Room TRAINING

Marriott Guest Room Training

Guest Room Training Instuctions

This is how a Marriott Standard Room should be set up ready for the guest. The Bed Table Drawers and Refrigerator Doors would be closed when the guest arrives but they have been left open for you so you can see how they are to be presented.

In the window below use your mouse or arrow keys to move through the room and do how a complete room is to be set up. As you move through the room you can use the mouse roller button or the + and - keys on your keyboard to ZOOM In and Out to take a closer look. Marriott has high standards for guest room readiness. Click on the TAGS placed around the room to see how each area should be set up, what is included and how it is to be presented. 


When you have finished examining the room click here to TAKE THE INSPECTION TEST.

Standard Guest Room Set Up Training
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